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Glossary of Cookery

1. Vocabulary of Provencal cooking

Araignée : Weever, sometimes also called sea dragon.
Attraper : When food sticks at the bottom of the pan while cooking.
Bagna : Provencal word meaning soaked (in a sauce for example).
Banette : Bean in colloquial language.
Bohémienne : Ratatouille made in Marseilles
Bouquet garni : It is generally composed of a sprig of thyme, a laurel leaf, a sprig of parsley and one of celery all tied together. In fact its ingredients can vary according to the dish being prepared.
Bout : “Donner un bout” means bringing the preparation to the boil and maintaining it for a few seconds.
Cébettes : Small fresh onions often sold in small bunches of 5or 6.
Chambri : Sea cicada or crayfish.
Ciseler : Cutting herbs very finely.
Clovisse : Provencal clam.
Cœur de ronde : Heart of lettuce.
Coulis de tomate : In Marseilles, tomato purée.
Darne : Fairly thick fish steak.
Denti ou Dente : A variety of sea bream.
Dorée : Dory.
Enfariner : Flouring fish, liver, etc.
Entrée de veau : Veal sauté.
Echeleur : Small haricot bean.
Epeautre : Small brown grain wheat cultivated in the Basses Alpes.
Esquinado : Spider crab.
Donner quelques tours : Browning and mixing gently for a few moments.
Favouille : Little green crab.
Fielas : Conger eel.
Foncer : Lining the inside of a tin with pastry.
Fricandeau : Thick beef or veal slice. It is also the gurnard.
Fraiser : Flattening dough with the palm of the hand to make it more supple
Grain de sucre : Sugar lump.
Gratter de l’ail : Scraping garlic clove on a fork to grate it as finely as possible.
Grumeau d’agneau : Tendron of lamb or veal.
Habiller : (fish) means cleaning, scaling, trimming and gutting.
Hecto : 100 grammes. In Marseille, on markets, weights are often given in hectos.
Limaçon : Snail smaller than the Petit Gris with a beige shell and a black spiral.
Missoun : Salted spicy sausage from the Basses-alpes.
Muscadin : Small cuttlefish.
Pendelotte : A variety of tomato from Provence similar to the plum tomato.
Petit salé : Salted streaky bacon.
Pied de dinde : Veal topside.
Pilau : Rice preparation.
Pincer : Sticking at the bottom of the pan.
Pistou : Basil.
Pompe : Salted or sweet fougasse (Provencal bread) made with olive oil.
Raide : Refers to hard meat.
Râpure : Is used as breadcrumbs.
Rognonnade : Lamb saddle : by extension, chop.
Rondeur : Diameter, for example of a sausage.
Ronde  de veine : Cushion of veal.
Rondin : Cushion of beef
Roussir : Frying lightly.
Roux d’œuf : Eggyolk.
Sabourun : Knuckle of cured ham : in the countryside it was hung in the chimney-place and passed around among neighbours to flavour soups.
Supion : Cuttlefish.
Tautenne : Squid.
Tian : Cone-shaped dish used to cook in the oven or on live charcoal.
Toupin : Earthen casserole without handle used to cook in the oven.
Verser fil à fil : Drizzling the aioli with oil (garlic mayonnaise).

2.The tricks to weigh and measure

100 g = 10 cl = 1 dl = 1/10 th of a litre

a. Glasses

A liqueur glass is equivalent to about 3 cl
A mustard jar is equivalent to about 20 cl or 100g of flour
A water glass is equivalent to about 20 cl
A glass of uncooked rice  = 120 g

b. Spoonfuls

A table spoon = 1,5 cl = 15 g of sugar = 10 g of flour
A tea spoon  = 0.5 cl = 5 g of sugar = 3 g of flour
1 table spoon= 4 tea spoons
For Mamie Ninou ‘s receipes :

La cuillere à pot = 1 dl 1/2
La cuillère à bouche = 2 à 3 cl

c. Average amount per person

Pasta : 100 g per person
Rabbit : 350 g per person
Poultry : 350 g per person
Fish (fillets) : 250 g per person
Fish (whole in the oven) : 350 g per person
Fish (in casserole) : 300 g per person
Roasted meat : 250 g par person
Marinated or braised meat:  300 g par person


1 liqueur glass = 3 cl
1 sherry glass = 6 cl
1 mustard jar = 20 cl = 100 g of flour
1 coffee cup= 10 cl
1 tea cup = 15 cl
1 bottle of wine = 75 cl
1 yoghurt= 15 cl
1 small jar of fresh cream = 10 cl
1 middle jar of fresh cream = 20 à 25 cl
1 large jar of fresh cream = 50 cl

3.Provencal expressions

Coucourdo a flask
Passe-moi ta coucourde, j'ai une de ces soifs !

Croustet a snack
Prend quand même un croustet pour ce midi !

Chicoula to sip
Je chicoule mon rosé de Provence !

Chicouloun a drop (of wine)
Sers-moi encore un chicouloun !

Pastissoun a small pastis
On se prend un pastissoun ?

Goulado a gulp
Veux-tu une goulade de génépi ?

Goustado afternoon snack
Faisons une pause, c'est l'heure de la goustade !

Dina lunch
On dîne puis on fait la méridienne (afternoon nap) !

Baneto baguette of bread
Prend une banette pour faire un pan-garni !

Pan-garni sandwich
Le hamburger de Donald, ça ne vaut pas un pan-garni !

Roustido a toast
Encore une roustide avant de partir ?

Poumpo a l'òli oil fougasse
La poumpe à l'oli, c'est la spécialité de la Provence !

Tartiflo potato
Des tartifles en robe des champs !

Ragougnasso ratatouille (in a pejorative sense) mashed food
Mais c'est de la ragougnasse que tu nous a fait !

Chicaio grub
Prend ta chicaille et on part au bord de l'eau !

Estoufadou stodgy food
Ton gâteau, c'est une estoufadou !

Terraio the dishes
Laisse-moi faire la terraille aujourd'hui !

Gaudina (se) to have fun
Hier soir, on s'est bien gaudiné !

Gaudinado feast
On a fait une sacrée gaudinade !

Gaudineto a happy meal
Ce soir, on va faire gaudinette !


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